About O’Brothers

Derek and Craig originally came from a long line of lumbermen.

The Dixieline family that had the privilege to contribute to the growth of the beautiful city of San Diego since 1913.

In a strange twist of fate, the two brothers were given a chance to pursue their first love. Cuisine of an organic nature struck the two brothers back in the 1990s. Their passion lead to the nation’s first all-organic burger restaurant.

O’Brothers Burgers served up all-organic sizzling beef burgers with bacon and avocado, sure to bring out anyone’s “O” face, complimented with a long line of fresh, delicious, organic salads.

Yet another twist of fate struck the brothers and allowed them to express themselves in a spicy organic sensation. O’Brothers Organic pepper sauces will unequivocally send your taste buds scurrying into a mouth-watering addiction. An addiction to compliment breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

We hope you fall in love with our hot sauces, just as we have fallen in love with serving them up for your organic enjoyment.