Update 1.0

Hey Fans – I’ve been laggin’ keeping everyone abreast of our progress. Sorry about that. We’ve been working at warp-speed ever since we launched our 3 sauces in Whole Foods (SoCal) in January. To help, we hired a kick-ass food broker called Yin & Yang Naturals. In the three months they’ve been aboard, we’ve been able to secure shelf space in about 50 stores and have commitments from another 150!! Whole Foods NorCal, SoCal, SoNev, Bristol Farms, Sprouts, New Leaf, Mollie Stones and a ton of co-ops and independents have all signed up to receive our product. But, here-in lies the rub (if you will). My distributors (UNFI & Natures Best) have thousands of SKU’s that they’re constantly introducing to the market so we’ve had to wait our turn. Ugh. And we just signed up with Natures Best so it’ll be another month, I suppose, before Sprouts will be seeing our sauces. Oh well. All good.

All in all its been a stellar beginning. I couldn’t imagined such a strong response from the shoppers. Thank you so much for your support.

I’ll try and blog at least once a month about more interesting stuff like how I like to you use my sauces, which is on just about everything. For instance, I just sliced a hard boiled egg (the grass-fed ones found at Whole Foods) for a quick snack, so I whipped out some of the Jalapeno and doused it. Omg, so tasty!

Back soon,




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  1. Paul says:

    Hello Derek,

    A friend introduced O’brother Chipotle Habanero Pepper Sauce to me, and even gave me a bottle to take home. My problem, maybe, is that she buys it at New Leaf Market in Santa Cruz, and I live in Sunnyvale. There’s a Sprouts Market near where I live, and you write that Sprouts is signed up to sell your sauce. That’s good; I’ll look in there to see if they have it.

    Another issue is the size of the bottle, five ounces. That won’t last long. I buy Tabasco Sauce in twelve ounce bottles, and there are only two or three ounces remaining in my current bottle. I would buy that size bottle of your sauce to replace Tabasco, if I can get it. Any chance?



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